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Fertitta & Reynal L.L.P believes in an aggressive pursuit of your constitutional rights and are dedicated to doing everything possible for each client when their freedom is at stake. You need to consult with a Galveston theft professional who knows what they are doing and can pick apart the case brought by the prosecution to improve your chances of a plea bargain or dismissal of your charges. Contact the professionals at Fertitta & Reynal L.L.P, who are skilled, knowledgeable, and dedicated to protecting the rights of those accused or convicted of a theft charge.

We will aggressively defend your rights and make sure that you are given a fair trial that includes all of the facts. The attorneys at Fertitta & Reynal L.L.P an intimate knowledge of all areas within theft law. Our attorneys will educate you on the options you have and ensure your voice is heard.

Our attorneys are ready and waiting to fight for you to call and get us on the case. We have years of experience defending clients and keeping them out of jail. Put our experience to good use and keep yourself out of jail by contacting Fertitta & Reynal L.L.P attorney today.

Fertitta & Reynal L.L.P are the legal representation you need when you have been arrested, accused, or charged with a theft offense in the Galveston area. Our law firm has helped numerous clients achieve the best possible result in their theft case. Contact our law firm when you need help with your theft case.

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