Homicide Attorney Houston

A defendant should aim to hire an attorney with experience in the courthouse where the case is pending and experience with the local procedures and personnel. Fertitta & Reynal L.L.P have ample experience representing clients throughout the Houston area court system. One of our main objectives is to see that you receive a fair trial with a positive outcome for you.

We are aggressive criminal defense lawyers, using best efforts to investigate, plan and defend clients facing homicide charges in the Houston community. Fertitta & Reynal L.L.P have a remarkable rate of success whether it involves negotiations with prosecutors to reach a resolution or fighting a case through a jury trial.

The personalized defense counsel and representation Fertitta & Reynal L.L.P offers far exceeds what a public defender will be able to provide. It is critical to ensure that your best possible outcome is achieved, and the only way to do that is with a Houston homicide defense lawyer advocating for your best interests. Do not accept any deal without consulting a defense lawyer.

If you have been accused or arrested of a crime and need tailored legal representation, call Fertitta & Reynal L.L.P. Residents from the Houston area can depend on Fertitta & Reynal L.L.P for proper guidance throughout the duration of their homicide case. Call Fertitta & Reynal L.L.P today for a free consultation to discuss your homicide matter now.

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