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The dedicated team at Fertitta & Reynal L.L.P can fight to protect your future. We provide the high-quality legal representation you should expect from a knowledgeable attorney. For more information or to schedule a free initial consultation, contact our office at (713) 228-5900.

The foundation of a successful defense is a full investigation of the facts and circumstances surrounding the alleged crime. Our Austin defense defense attorneys can evaluate every detail of your situation to build the best possible defense to the charges you face. Often, we can bargain for a reduced sentence or get charges dismissed. However, our ability to do either depends on the specific circumstances of the case.

We protect our clients during every stage of the legal process, from the beginning of a criminal investigation to the final resolution of their defense case. Fertitta & Reynal L.L.P are dedicated to providing personalized attention and a proactive approach towards each case. Our team of professionals is waiting to discuss the details of your case, call today.

Call Fertitta & Reynal L.L.P today for aggressive legal representation. Residents from the Austin area can depend on a tailored strategy that is customized for your defense case. Call (713) 228-5900 today to schedule a free consultation.

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